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600W Industrial LED Balloon Light w/ Stand

600W Industrial LED Balloon Light W/Stand

Increase safety and illuminate your jobsite with a portable balloon light designed with ease of use in mind. Our portable LED balloon lights are lightweight and versatile, designed for either freestanding use or direct
mounting to your vehicle or equipment.

Product Features:

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Stay Safe On Site

Jobsite lighting is incredibly important for worker safety. Our LED Balloon Lights not only illuminate the jobsite, they are also designed with anti-glare technology, making them safer for use on or near roads. Traditional balloon lights that are not glare resistant can cause dangerous conditions in sites where cars frequently pass by. DMI Tools’ Balloon Lights help you avoid these hazards and provide the illumination necessary for you to complete projects in dark environments.

Simple Set-up

In the construction business, there’s always another project on the horizon. At DMI Tools, we understand the importance of easy to transport equipment that can be setup quickly so new projects can begin. Our LED balloon lights can be setup within minutes and adapted to suit the needs of any construction site. They can be freestanding or mounted to a vehicle, trailer, or concrete paving machine with the use of a simple attachment.

Energy Efficient LEDs

Our balloon lights utilize energy efficient, LED bulbs for brighter lighting at a lower cost. Not only does this help you save on overall project costs, it’s also cleaner for the environment. The LED bulbs built into our balloon lights last longer and provide brighter, white light then those utilized by other jobsite lighting solutions.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At DMI Tools, great customer service isn’t just something we strive for – it’s a promise. Our team of jobsite equipment experts are here to support you for the lifetime of your product. Each of our projects is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and we can provide replacement parts too, if necessary. Whether you’re an existing customer or a new one, don’t hesitate to contact our team if you have questions about our products.

DMI Tools Balloon Light vs. Traditional Jobsite Lighting

600W Industrial LED Balloon Light
Traditional Jobsite Lighting
Anti-glare technology
Basic 200 Watt Generator
Collapsable & Easily Portable

DMI Tools Balloon Light vs. Traditional Jobsite Light

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Product Documentation

Download the Industrial LED Balloon Light data sheet to view all product specs.